Many of you may know I own Jarvis Septic & Drain, a local business here in Guilford Township.  I have owned and operated Jarvis Septic & Drain for 25 years, performing most of my service work in and around Guilford Township and Medina County.  I'm good at solving problems, I'm honest and trustworthy, I am very responsible with finances, and I don't like to see money wasted.  I have a reputation of being very dependable and respectable.  I will make good decisions with your tax dollars! 

Primary goals:

1.   See that the residents' concerns are addressed in a timely manner  

2.   Support our fire and EMS services

3.   Keep our roads maintained

4.   Make sure the township is spending our money responsibly

5.   Keep the township and village a safe place to live and work



We have picked up most of the election signs.  If we missed any, please let us know!

working for the people



I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came out and voted for me! Official results have been certified and I have won one of the two available seats in the election!  Thank you Thank you Thank you! 

I will continue to work hard for you.  Let me know if there is anything you need!  

​​See my Biography page for a link to Pumper Magazine, an industry magazine which featured us as the cover story in their June, 2017, issue !

Almost everyone knows me as Gene from Jarvis Septic and Drain. My job takes me to many of our Guilford Township and Seville residents' homes on a weekly basis, and I know a lot of you by name. This frequently gives me the opportunity to hear your thoughts and concerns. I enjoy meeting people and talking with them, communicating year-round, not just during election month!

I would be honored to serve as Trustee of Guilford Township!   I would also love to get to know the rest of you!   I'm very interested in what the public has to say and willing to listen to your concerns and suggestions on how to improve Seville and Guilford Township!  Stop by, e-mail, or call to introduce yourself!